Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Modern US Imperialism Political Cartoon

    This cartoon depicts the American involvement in the Middle East, intended to root out terrorism and help to establish democracy.  This involvement has led to vast debate about the purity of American's intentions and whether it is right to attempt to insert Western Values and democracy into the Middle Eastern society.  The artist clearly feels that Americans are causing harm to the people they are attempting to save and that the true intentions of bringing democracy to the Middle Eastern region is based on Americas need to secure and stabilize the Middle East oil economy.  In regards to the cartoon, I feel that it is well drawn but I feel that the content matter is biased and largely unfair.  While I realize that a large reason for our military involvement in the Middle East is based on our need for a stabilized oil market, I believe that it is important to remember that many people of the Middle East did desire democracy, it was not forced upon them, they desired it.   

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