Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cross Continent Connection

1.  The goal of Spanish American War, which took place in 1898, was to liberate the Spanish territory of Cuba.  American involvement in this conflict began on April 20, 1898 when a joint session of Congress recognized Cuba's independence and authorized force to expel Spain from the territory.  This defense of Cuba led to American involvement with a war which led to American occupation and annexation of the Philippines and Puerto Rico.  The major players in this conflict were Americans, led by President William McKinley of America and Queen Maria Christina of Spain.  Overall, the Spanish- American War demonstrates the U.S.A's imperialistic desires because even though America was attempting to rid Cuba of the imperialistic tendrils of Spain, they were spreading there own during the course of the war, in Puerto Rico and the Philippines.  This growing imperialistic goal is similar to that of other western countries during this same time period.  For example, Great Britain attempted to gain control of parts of China and successfully annexed India. 

2.  On December 2, 1832, the Monroe Doctrine, written by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, was accepted by President James Monroe.  This doctrine essentially stated that any attempt to colonize or interfere with North or South American states would be seen as an act of aggression requiring U.S. intervention.  Additionally, the doctrine stated that the United States would not intervene with existing European colonies or become involved in internal European matters or matters of war between European countries.  This policy clearly had an immense impact on the countries of Europe, as the United States had effectively closed the doors on the colonization of North and South America, further closing the land available for expansion by European countries.  This made the need to gain land in Africa, Japan, China, and India even greater for European countries.  The Monroe Doctrine can be seen as an additional reason for the European countries to compete for land in the aforementioned places to secure resources and trade markets for their countries.


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