Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3.2.1. Summary Chapter 25

Three things I learned:
1. The Boxer Revolution led to the murder of more than a thousand Chinese Christians and 200 foreign missionaries as the Boxers believed they were the cause of all problems that had developed in China.
2. British merchants grew opium in the British colony of India and smuggled the opium into China where it was illegal to consume.  This led to the first Opium war, resulting in the Treaty of Nanking which forced China to cede Hong Kong to Great Britain forever, pay a $100 million dollar indemnity and open 4 ports for trading with foreign countries.
3.Commander Mathew Perry utilized Gun Boat Diplomacy to "open" Japan to trade in 1853.  Gunboat Diplomacy is the threat or use of force to reach a diplomatic agreement.

Two things that interested me:
1. The Maxim Machine Gun was invented in 1884 and was crucial in the defeat of the Muslim force at Omdurman.  General Horatio H. Kitchener utilized the Maxim machine gun to cut down      11000 Muslim soldiers while only 28 British soldiers were killed.  I found this interesting as for some reason I thought that the machine gun was made more recently than 1884.
2. I found it interesting that an increasing liberalized society, which was increasingly recognizing the rights of man, would feel that it would truly be in the interest of the native people of the colonized areas to be forced to accept the culture and societal constructs of the European countries.  I find it interesting that the European people would accept the concept of the White Man's Burden.

One thing that confused me:
1. I am still deeply confused about the roles of David Livingstone and the Henry Stanley and their connection with one another.            

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