Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Introduction Chapter 23

Chapter 23, Life in the Emerging Urban Society, discuses the time period between 1840- 1900.  During this time period there was a revolution in scientific, societal, medical, and religious thought.  This revolution reflected the new urban society which was continually growing due to the Industrial Revolution and the growing amount of employment available in growing factories.  Through this blog, I will attempt to discuss this change in thought and it's effect on the growing urban society.  The most essential question of this chapter is how the world issues impacted the new urban society?  These new ideas in science led to advancements in medicine, public health, and an noticeable reduction of religion in urban societies.  Societal and political developments such as the growth of socialism and the new belief in city planning led to political turmoil and better water supplies respectively.  These harsh turnaround from ideas of the past came to exemplify the new urban society.      

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