Saturday, May 11, 2013

Introduction to Chapter 31

Chapter 31 covers a time span from 1980's to the modern day.  This time span covers a period of vast change.  Key issues in this chapter discuss the revitalization of Russia, increased globalization, and also deals with new modern day issues such as an increase in terrorism.  Through this blog I hope to expand my knowledge of the time period, learning beyond what was covered in the textbook.  I believe that the essential question in this chapter is how has the global community addressed the pressing issues of today.  Some of these issues have been resolved with violence and others with diplomacy.  For example, some issues are solved by The United Nations, a body that was set up to foster international peace and help struggling countries, however, some issues such as the cultural difference between the US and the middle east have led to terrorist attack and a long and devastating war.      

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