Friday, May 10, 2013

Connections across Time

1. Bosnia- Herzegovina experienced a brutal civil war in 1992 which is characterized by the ethnic cleansing which was practiced by both sides in the attempt to create a homogenous ethnic community.  They strove to create this ethnically pure society by intimidation, forced deportation and killing.  As is expected, this civil war did not end well, with 300 000 people dead, and millions left homeless.  Despite grievous violations against humanity the west united by NATO failed to respond in a swift fashion.  Which leads to a clear connection across time.  In World War two there were horrible acts of ethnic cleansing occurring, yet the United States, the strongest Western Nation did not respond.  They refused to insert themselves into a fight that was not theirs, allowing innocent individuals to be slaughtered.  The lack of Western intervention demonstrates the relationship between the Bosnia- Herzegovina civil war and World War 2.

Bosnia- Herzegovina 
2. Throughout the late 20th and into the 21st century the development and implementation of personal computers and the Internet revolutionized communication and international trade.  These advancements paired with the deregulation of national and international financial systems allowed for an international stock market to be developed.  However, at the core of this development is the increased flow of information which is similar to the invention of the printing press in 1439 which allowed for the mass production of books, newspapers and the greater sharing of information.  While on a much smaller scale than the internet,  the printing press, like the Internet, has revolutionized the sharing of information make the process faster and more efficient.


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