Friday, May 10, 2013

Art Pieces of the Period

1. Since the late 20th Century the world has become a much smaller place.  Transportation has improved, as have communication methods which has led to a more globally aware world.  In keeping with this growing globalization, artists have been depicting this theme of global awareness.  Marjetica Potrc, one such artist, depicts realities of the world as a whole through sculpture.  Her sculpture below, Hybrid House, she creates a house which hybridizes features from buildings from Caracas, the West Bank, and West Palm Beach.  By incorporating these cultures she creates a surrealist feel, effectively showing the viewer of the vast culture and economic separation.  She embraces the realities of the global society, showing the different conditions that people live in all around the world.
2. September 11, 2001 was a grave day in American history.  The collapse of the twin towers led to the deaths of approximately 3000 people.  One of these people, so desperate for escape from the smoke filled tower, plummets to his death to avoid burning alive or being killed in the impending collapse.  Richard Drew's photo, The Falling Man, shows the intense grief experienced by Americans on this horrid day.  This grave day in history sparked the War on Terror, declared by the George W. Bush.  9/11 exemplifies the hostile relationship between the US and the Islamic world.


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